Edward Hankins Tarr (Ed Tarr) was born on June 15, 1936 and died on March 24, 2020. He was an American trumpet player and musicologist. He was a pioneer in the revival of the Baroque and Romantic era trumpet performance practice. He also was a professor for trumpet and one of the most influencing teachers for the baroque trumpet in the last century.

Edward Tarr was born in Norwich, Connecticut. Among his accomplishments is a complete edition of the trumpet works of the Bolognese Baroque Italian composer Giuseppe Torelli. His performance repertory includes Baroque, Classical era and modern works; Mauricia Kagel dedicated works to him in 1971, including Morceau de concours, for trumpeter and electronic tape. In 1953 he was a student of Roger Voisin, principal trumpet of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and in 1958–1959 with Adolph Herseth, principal trumpet of the Chigago Symphony Orchestra. He also studied musicology in Basel with Leo Schrade (1959–1964) for which he was awarded a degree in 1985.

In 1968 the Edward Tarr Brass Ensemble was formed, the only one of its kind – with four trumpets and four trombones. Modern, as well as antique instruments, were used to perform Renaissance and Baroque music as well as modern works.

Tarr taught trumpet at the Rheinische Musikschule in Cologne (1968–70). He was director of the Trumpet Museum in Bad Säckingen, Germany from 1985 to 2004, taught modern and Baroque trumpet at the Basel Music Academy in Basel, Switzerland (modern trumpet at the Conservatory and Baroque trumpet at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis) from 1972 to 2001 and was teaching Baroque trumpet in the superior conservatories (Musikhochschulen) of Karlsruhe, Frankfurt and Lucerne.

Tarr owned one of the largest collections of original trumpet literature, which was acquired by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Archives & Collections in 2014. He was also editor of many performance editions (including the complete trumpet works of Torelli mentioned above) as well as an authority on the history of the trumpet. His book The Trumpet was first published in 1977 in Germany as Die Trompete. In 1988 it was translated into English by S.E. Plank and Edward Tarr. When Tarr celebrated his 70th birthday in 2006, Schott published a new edition of the German version, "Die Trompete". The English version was updated and republished in 2008.

Tarr's recording career began around 1960 when he became trumpet player in Karl Richter's Münchener Bach-Orchester. He has recorded over 100 works for many labels including Ariola Record, BIS Records, Capriccio, Christophorus, Columbia Records, Deutsche Grammophon, EMI, Erato Records, HCC (Haas-Classic Cologne), Hungaroton, Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm, Naxos Records, Nonesuch Records,  Oryx, Tudor, and Vox Records.

Tarr's wife was the concert organist and best-selling author Irmtraud Tarr. Amongst his students were Reinhold Friedrich and Håkand Hardenberger.

Tarr died on March 24, 2020, in a hospital near his home in Rheinfelden (southwestern Germany, near the Swiss border). The cause was complications of heart surgery.

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  • 1987 Universität Hamburg, Germany: Dr. phil. (Historical musicology, Prof. Dr. H. J. Marx)

  • 1959-64 Universität Basel, Switzerland (Musicology, Prof. Dr. Leo Schrade)

  • 1958-59 Northwestern University, Evanston IL, USA: M. M. (History and Literature of Music,
    Prof. Dr. John F. Ohl)

  • 1953-57 Oberlin College, Oberlin OH, USA: A. B. (Music, Prof. Dr. Richard Murphy)

  • 1951-53 Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter NH, USA


  • 2000 Winter semester: Visiting teacher of trumpet and Baroque trumpet (replacing Prof. Gabriele
    Cassone), Lausanne Conservatory, Switzerland

  • 2001- Teacher of Baroque trumpet, Karlsruhe University of Music (Musikhochschule), Germany

  • 2001 Visiting professor of trumpet and Housewright Scholar, Florida State University,
    Tallahassee, USA
    " Teacher, 17th International Handel Academy, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • 2000-01 Visiting trumpet teacher (replacing Prof. R. Friedrich), Karlsruhe University of Music (Musikhochschule), Germany

  • 1991 Visiting professor of trumpet, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA

  • 1985-2004 Director, Bad Säckingen Trumpet Museum, Germany

  • 1985 Visiting professor of trumpet, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

  • 1979-89 Teacher of trumpet, Karlsruhe Conservatory (Musikhochschule), Germany

  • 1979 Artist-in-residence, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia

  • 1978-88 Artistic director, annual international trumpet seminars, Bad Säckingen,

  • 1977 Guest professor, Indiana University, USA

  • 1974 Guest professor, Musikhögskolan Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1974-2001 Teacher of trumpet, Basel Conservatory (Musikhochschule), Switzerland

  • 1973 Guest lecturer, Stanford University, USA

  • 1973-74 Teacher of brass chamber music, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, Freiburg, Germany

  • 1972 Guest lecturer, Central Michigan University, USA

  • 1972-2001 Teacher of cornetto and Baroque brass instruments, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Switzerland

  • 1969 Principal trumpeter, Orchestra della RAI, Rome, Italy

  • 1968-70 Trumpet teacher, Rheinische Musikschule, Cologne, Germany

JURIES (Trumpet if not otherwise indicated)

  • 2005-06 Conservatoire de musique, La Chaux-de-Fonds: diploma exams trompette, musique de chambre

  • 2004 Jugend musiziert: Jury of the Regional Competition of Baden-Württemberg, Backnang, Germany
    " Vocklabrück nr. Linz: Austrian conservatory competition
    " Marl: Trumpet competition in the European Classic Festival of the Ruhr area

  • 2003 Amsterdam Conservatory: diploma exam, early music
    " Klagenfurt: national superior conservatory competition “Gradus ad Parnassum”
    " Munich: Jan Koetsier Competition

  • 2002 Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland: diploma exam, early music

  • 2001 2nd International Altenburg Competition for Baroque Trumpet, Bad Säckingen, Germany (organizer) [winner: Guy Ferber (F)]

  • 2000 Nürnberg-Augsburg Conservatory (Musikhochschule), Germany: search committee for trumpet professor
    " Conservatoire de Lausanne, Switzerland: search committee for trurpet professor
    " Jugend musiziert: Jury of the Regional Competition of Baden-Württemberg, Wehr, Germany
    " Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, Lyon, France: final exams, musique ancienne

  • 1999 Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, Lyon, France: final exams, musique ancienne

  • 1998 International Music Competition, Markneukirchen, Germany (chairman)

  • 1997 1st Hochrhein Trumpet Competition, Bad Säckingen, Germany (chairman)

  • 1996-7 Cologne Conservatory (Musikhochschule), Germany: search committee for trumpet professor

  • 1996 1st International Altenburg Competition for Baroque Trumpet, Bad Säckingen, Germany (organizer) [winner: Niklas Eklund (S)]
    " International Music Competition, Markneukirchen, Germany: Horn
    " Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, Lyon, France: final exams, musique ancienne
    " 1st International Contest for Wind Ensembles, Kerkrade, Holland
    " Concorso Internazionale, Porcia, Italy

  • 1995 ARD Competition, Munich, Germany: Trombone
    " Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, Paris, France: search committee for trumpet professor

  • 1994 4th Ellsworth Smith Competition, Columbus OH, USA (chairman)

  • 1993 ARD Competition, Munich, Germany [winner: Wolfgang Bauer]
    " Concorso Internazionale, Porcia, Italy (chairman)

  • 1992 International Music Competition of the Prague Spring, Czechoslovakia

  • 1990 2nd Ellsworth Smith Competition, Bad Säckingen, Germany (chairman)

  • 1988 1st International "Ellsworth Smith" Competition for Trumpet Soloists (Smith Competition), Columbus OH, USA

  • 1986 ARD Competition, Munich, Germany [winner: Reinhold Friedrich]

  • 1980 International Music Competition of the German Radio Stations (ARD Competition, Munich, Germany

  • 1976 International Competition, Toulon, France


  • 1994-2003 Member, Advisory Board, European Section of the ITG (Euro-ITG)

  • 1992- Member, Board of Advisors, Historic Brass Society (HBS)

  • 1990-94 President, Euro-ITG

  • 1989-95 Member, Board of Directors, International Trumpet Guild (ITG)

  • 1977-79 Vice President, ITG


  • 1) Ewald Meinl (formerly Meinl & Lauber), Geretsried, Germany
    - Reconstruction of a Baroque trumpet by Wolf Wilhelm Haas (1681-1760) from the Bernoulli collection, Greifensee, Switzerland (now: Historisches Museum Basel)
    - Reconstruction of a Baroque trumpet by Hans Hainlein (1630) from the Musical Instrument Collection of the Munich Stadtmuseum
    - Reconstruction of a Baroque trumpet by Johann Leonhard Ehe III (1746) from the Musical Instrument Collection of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg (technical advisor: Dr. Klaus E. Rehm)
    - Reconstruction of slide trumpets (tromba da tirarsi) with Renaissance and late Baroque bells
    - Development of a high horn in B-flat/A for the performance of Baroque horn parts on modern instruments (1971) (technical advisor: Dr. Klaus E. Rehm)

  • 2) Adolf Egger & Sohn, Basel
    - Reconstruction of a keyed trumpet for the performance of the trumpet concertos by Haydn and Hummel
    - Reconstruction und further development of Baroque trumpets by Johann Leonhard Ehe II (1664-1724) and Ernst Johann Conrad Haas (1723-92)
    - Development of early Baroque and Classical natural trumpets
    - Reproduction of various Baroque mouthpieces, from the early Baroque to the Classical period
    - Development of a "Romantic" trumpet with rotary valves in low F/E, E-flat/D

  • 3) Yamaha, Hamamatsu
    - Consultation leading to the development of a piccolo trumpet in high B-flat/A, Tarr model
    - Development of a trumpet in E and E-flat


  • 2004 Professor, University of Music (Musikhochschule) Karlsruhe

  • 2003 Dr. mus. h. c. (Oberlin College, Oberlin OH, USA)
    Medal for Achievement (city of Rheinfelden/Baden, Germany)

  • 1997 Musikpreis 1998 (Volksbank Hochrhein-Stiftung: Waldshut, Germany)

  • 1996 Honorary Award (ITG - 25th anniversary year: New York, USA)

  • 1995 Premio Cesare Bendinelli (Accademia Filarmonica, Ottoni di Verona: Verona, Italy)

  • 1995 1st Christopher Monk Award (Historic Brass Society: New York, USA)

  • 1959 Pi Kappa Lambda (Northwestern University, Evanston IL, USA)